5 Types of Addiction Recovery Centers

Addiction Recovery

For people who find themselves hopelessly addicted to drugs or alcohol, the only hope may be in seeking professional help in an addiction recovery center. Fortunately, today’s treatment environment consists of many different types of addiction recovery centers.

Each recovery center is focused on helping patients to get well, learn how to avoid substance abuse and stay on the path to recovery.

Forms of Addiction Recovery Centers

  • Inpatient recovery facilities
  • Christian-based treatmemy
  • Outpatient addiction treatment
  • Long-term addiction programs
  • Holistic addiction rehabilitation

5 Types of Addiction Recovery Centers

One of the more invasive methods of addiction treatment but also one of the most effective is the inpatient recovery center. These programs provide patients with around-the-clock care that includes medical monitoring and psychiatric counseling to ensure that the patient is safe and that his or her focus is on recovery at all times. These are ideal for highly physical addictions that require excessive patient monitoring.

Outpatient Recovery Centers

A far less invasive method of addiction treatment that is primarily focused on helping patients who are mildly addicted to drugs or suffering from alcoholism, these programs offer counseling and therapy in an environment that is open for business during daytime or early evening hours. Some outpatient recovery programs also provide counseling and therapy over the weekend. These programs are ideal for recovering addicts with mild substance abuse problems who have significant ties in the community.

Long-Term Recovery Centers

Some addicts try many types of treatment and find themselves in and out of inpatient programs many times with little success. For those who relapse many times, long-term recovery may provide the safest and most effective solution. These programs offer extended care for a period of usually one year or more which is ideal for extreme addictions that are very difficult to treat.

Holistic Recovery Centers

A relative new method of addiction treatment that has quickly become very prevalent in the treatment industry is holistic treatment. This method of addiction recovery focuses on healing the mind, body and spirit for total wellness of the addict. The focus is not only on the addiction but also on underlying matters such as disease, chronic pain, spiritual unhappiness or other instances of an individual’s life which may be causing problems.

Christian Recovery Centers

Faith-based addiction treatment that uses the power of God’s word to help patients find the strength to stay sober is often the best treatment available for an individual who leads a very spiritual life. Christian recovery centers provide a faith centered treatment approach that uses Bible study, open discussion and divine intervention to help patients heal emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and physically from the strongholds of addiction.

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